Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The man fired da man

I can't believe it. Notre Dame fired Tyrone Willingham. My man Ty was one of the best things about South Bend. He gave the Bend (as I have taken to calling it) a certain class and savoir faire that you can't find in a grocery store. Yet, another example of the man taking a good man down.

You might be asking yourself, "Why would Goofball care about college football?" It is true that I have never played football a day in my life. And god willing, I never will play (Ozzie has told horror stories of bears being used AS footballs by small children -- my silky soft fur would be mussed). However, football is a spectator sport and we bears are excellent spectators. In fact, I have spent whole days doing nothing but spectating. Ain't nothin' better than snuggling into a comfy couch under a blanket with Harriet to watch football on a weekend afternoon.

Now, I'm not overly particular about the football I watch. College, pro, it doesn't matter as long as I get cuddling. I figured I would root for the home town team just cuz its the thing to do. But I'm not sure I will be so excited cheering for Urban Meyer. He might be a nice guy, but what kind of screwed up name is that? It sounds like a balogna made in New York City.

Since I know y'all love to hear the Goofball sing, I thought I would offer up this little ditty:

Oh, I wish I had Urban Meyer coaching
That is who we really ought to hire
Cuz if we had Urban Meyer coaching
Our winning record wouldn't be so dire.

That's all from the Goofball. Hang in there Ty, I'm still rooting for you. If you need a hug, stop on by. I'm here all day. Spectating and spectulating in the Bend.


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