Monday, December 06, 2004

Bear Dance Party

Most people don't like it when it is cold and gray outside. We bears are different. Why? Because cold and wet days usually mean cuddling under the sheets for us and ain't nothing better than cuddling under the sheets.

Unfortunately, Harriet's employment situation (meaning she is currently employed) means that the bears don't see much cuddling on weekdays. I suppose that Ozzie could stay home, but he doesn't cuddle with us very much. Kinda cold and prickly if you ask me, must be his midwestern upbringing. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but I sure don't look to him for my cuddling needs.

Anywho, I figured today would be a good day for a bear dance party. Put on some James Brown and get down. Lobby is hip to it. Moose will zip around, but some of the other bears seem a little uncomfortable shaking their groove thing. I tried demonstrating, but the Goofball is more limber than the average bear. I needed to figure out a way of teaching the wallflowers how to dance.

So I went onto the web. Now that I have more or less mastered the art of typing, the internet is my friend. You can find anything, but I suspect that I would have more fun if I had a credit card (hint, hint -- you know Christmas is coming and the Goofball has been awfully good this year). Well, I couldn't find many dances for stiff guys like Gladstone, but I did find a cool bear dancing in the street.

Break Dancing Bear

The Goofball needs to learn how to dance like that. I don't mean outside, because then I'd get gravel stuck in my fur and need to take a bath. I mean I need to learn how to breakdance. I think I'd look pretty cute doing the robot and the worm.


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