Monday, December 13, 2004

A snowy day

Um ... hello. It is the first snowy day of the year. I like the snow. It is white and fluffy, just like someone I know.

... Um, what's that Squacky?

... Yes, you are white and fluffy, but I was thinking of someone larger.

... Um, what's that duck?

... Yes, you are also white and fluffy, but I was thinking of a white and furry dog. ... Is anyone going to interupt me this time? ... Anyone? Anyone? Good.

As I was saying I like the snow. It makes the world look white and furry.

... What's that Goofball?

... No, I don't have anything against bears who are black and furry.

... Yes, I'm sure that I don't have a problem with bears of color. I like everyone. That is part of being a Wags dog. I can't think of anyone I don't like -- even Ozzie when he's being a pillowhead. There isn't a color-ist bone in my body.

... Um, what's that Ozzie?

... You're right, I don't have any bones in my body cuz I'm full of stuffin'. I'm trying to make a simple point. Will all of you please let me type in peace? If you want to make a comment, use the "Comments" section -- that's what is for you know.

Now that there will be no further interuptions from the peanut gallery *menacing, but furry, glare* I can say what I wanted to say. ... Um ... um ... I can't remember what I wanted to say.

... Oh, thanks, Ozzie. Yes, I like the snow. It is white and furry just like me and I like the way I look. I think I look rather welcoming and friendly. The snow also covers up all the dirt that makes the world a dangerous place for a bear. Ooooh, I get nervous just thinking about dirt. But snow is very calming. It is soft and cold and makes Harriet want to snuggle into bed with the bears. Maybe when she gets home tonight, I can pounce on her and we can watch the snow fall together.

... yes --

... yes --

... Um, guys, ... Guys, ... GUYS. Ooh! I just raised my voice. I'm not sure I have ever done that before. It doesn't seem very furry, but I kinda like being authoritative. Feel the power of the fur! The Wagsy rules with a furry paw. Yes, we can all pounce on Harriet when she gets home.

I think this is the last time I let the other bears watch me type.


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