Friday, January 13, 2006

Relatives in Bad Situations

Um ... hello. Sorry that we haven't posted lately. Classes are starting up, so the bears have been busy napping. You see, we have to save up our energy so that we can look extra cute and cuddly when Ozzie and Harriet come home. Usually Harriet is tired, so if we try really hard, we can pounce and get her to nap. Oooh ... pre-dinner naps are very nice. Maybe not quite as good as the mid-morning nap, but definitely one of the better naps in the day.

Um ... hmmm ... um ... I'm not sure where I was going. Um ... um ... I don't have much to say, but I feel like chatting. Um ... I don't know why I feel like chatting. Maybe it is because Harriet has been busy lately and I am feeling clingy. Or maybe it is because it is cold and rainy and gross outside and that always makes me want to cuddle. The blog isn't quite the same thing as cuddling, but ... um ... actually, it isn't anything like cuddling. I'm just feeling chatty.

Cold and rainy days like today make me very grateful that Harriet is my person. I have a warm home, comfy bed, and even my own chair. I really can't imagine what my life would be like without Harriet.

Um ... I say that, but then I come across this picture.

~~Is This Yours?~~
Originally uploaded by CeeCeeDotCa.

Um ... that sure looks like a Wags Dog in a tree with snow on his head. Um ... it might even be a close cousin. Um ... this picture is disturbing. It's like I am looking into an alternative universe. Oooh, I don't like this universe.

Pictures like these lead a bear to ask a lot of questions. How did he get up in the tree? Why did they leave him up there? Did the photographer get him down? Will he be okay? Is snow good for the fur? Um ... what is the opposite of warm and comfy?

Mostly this picture makes me sad.

Um ... I think I'll go hug my bunny, George.


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