Monday, December 19, 2005

Goodbye to Pi

Um ... hello. Or should I say goodbye? Oooh, it was so sad. Today we mailed off Pi. We were all very sad. Pi had become a part of the family. Um ... to be perfectly honest, I think that means he stuck around too long. Harriet has a way of adopting bears who hang around for a while and Pi was awfully cute. Ozzie had to be very firm that Pi has a young and slobber-y child waiting for him. Training new bears is really important, but we have to do it faster. Um ... actually, come to think of it, there wasn't a whole lot of training that happened since June. I think Pi stuck around because Ozzie was too lazy to mail him quickly. He really shouldn't have put Harriet through the pain. Or the rest of us. It was really, really sad.

Goodbye Pi

Pi was a little disappointed in his travel accomodations. Squawky had raised his expectations a little too high. We had to explain that most bears arrive in boxes. It was a very nice box, though. Very clean and sturdy and not too squishy. Ozzie ensured us that he put tracking on the box so we can make sure Pi gets to Washington safely.

Um ... I think Pi was excited and a little scared to go. Meeting your person is such a big moment in a bear's life. Um ... it might even be THE moment. Ooh, I hope the little boy realizes how special Pi is.

Oddly enough, I think Pudgie might have been the saddest to see Pi go. Pudgie is a little grumpy and ... um ... demands a lot from his companions, but he seemed to really bond with Pi. It was really sweet. Pudgie can be very nice and helpful and he is very protective of Harriet, but Pi brought out the tender side of Pudgie. It was really sweet.

Teacher and student

Good luck, Pi. I'm sure your person will love you ... um ... almost as much as we do. We'll miss you.

Oooh, I told you it was sad!


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