Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bear Blogs

Um ... hello! I thought I would get caught up on all the bear blogs out there in the world. Oooh, many people have written to us, but we haven't had the time to write to anyone. That is the problem with having big comfy paws. They aren't so good for typing. Um ... having stuffing for brains doesn't help either. And ... Mr. "I took over the house and drool constantly" hasn't exactly helped our productivity. Um ... basically we're behind. And I'm a teddy bear who likes to nap, so I must be really behind.

Let's see ... um ... ooh, ooh, Teddy and Spaulding wrote us a very sweet letter welcoming Ricky to the world. Um ... it was a very nice letter, but they showed a little more enthusiasm for the baby than we have. I guess it is easy to have enthusiasm for a baby that doesn't kick you out of the bed and halt all napping.

Um ... oooh, oooh! My bunny George has a new favorite blog.
Gage the Bunny must be a relative of George's. Oooh, he looks just like George only he's a little more gray. Gage travels around and takes lots of adorable pictures. And sometimes he stays at home and takes adorbale pictures. Gage has a live-in girlfriend named Rabbit, who doesn't look much like a rabbit to me. Um ... I think he might be a little more academic than my George, but maybe I am syaing that because Gage wears glasses.

Pig and Bear are very cute friends who travel around England. They post lots of pictures from their travels. They even went to Africa. Oooh, they are so much more adventerous than I am. I'd spend all the time being concerned about my fur.

Um ... I've also been reading the blog of Bob T. Bear, esq. Oooh, he's a well travelled bear who likes routine in his life. Every day he notes whether he watches the Simpsons or goes to Tesco's (our relatives in England tell me it is a grocery store) and he rates his hugs for the day. I think it is a very good idea to keep track of these things. Um ... how else can you make your person feel guilty for ignoring you when a baby comes around?

And ... um ... I know it isn't a blog, really, but I very much enjoy the Eldritch the Dragon's pictures. He's verrry cute, and so is his little brother. Um ... there are a lot of cute teddy bears posting pictures on Flickr and we've made friends with a few of them. Unfortunately, most of the pictures recently have been of baby Ricky and not us.

Um ... we've been reading other blogs, too, but the typist is getting tired -- pillowhead. If you know of other good teddy bear blogs, put them in the comments sectiona and we'll add them to our "Links" section. You can never have too many blogging teddy bears!


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