Thursday, November 02, 2006

Toy Testing or Indiscretion?

Um ... hello. I liked reading Goofball's excellent post about testing toys, but I thought something was missing. It's hard to figure out what is missing when you have stuffin' for brains. Then a little bird flew into the room and tipped me off ...

Goofball in a Chicken Suit

The bird was Goofball! Yeah, yeah, he dressed up as a chicken. Harriet thought he looked cute, but ... um ... everyone else thought he looked ... um ... ridiculous.

Yes that is a Smile

Um ... I think he enjoyed it. I wonder why he didn't post these pictures.


Blogger Goofball said...

I'll tell you why I didn't post the pictures, it is because I look ridiculous dressed as a chicken. I would happily dress as Superman or a cowboy, but for some reason Ozzie and Harriet decided to buy Ricky a chicken costume. And someone had to test out the safety of the costume before letting Ricky in it.

So unless you want a new duty, Mr. Muckraker, keep your incriminating pictures to yourself.

10:29 AM  

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