Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Um ... hello! Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a verrry good time of year for the bears, so it might be our favorite holiday. For starters, it is cold outside and that means more cuddling with the bears. With our fur and polyester fibers, we don't really get cold, so we can just enjoy the extra cuddle time. It gets dark sooner, too, and that means cuddling starts earlier in the night. Well, that is the upside to darkness. The downside is that the darkness makes Harriet depressed and that makes us a little sad. But since the darkness only just began, she's fine and we get more cuddling. February might be a different story. Um ... by February the bears will trade in our cuddling with an unhappy person for less cuddling with a happier person.

Um ... so those are two things to be thankful for. Thanksgiving also has football, which means? ... you guessed it, cuddling! Yeah, yeah. People don't seem to realize it, but watching football is the perfect time to cuddle with your teddy bear. We have received several emails from people who think that it is a little unusual to cuddle with your teddy bear while watching football. But we couldn't disagree more. Harriet likes football and she likes cuddling with teddy bears. That seems pretty normal. And when you watch a player get injured, don't you want to hold your teddy bear close and feel safe and warm while you hope the player is okay? Um ... the only reason you wouldn't want to watch football with your teddy bear is buffalo wings. Ooooh, those wings are messy. You wouldn't want your teddy bear anywhere near buffalo wings. Be sure to wash your hands very carefully before picking up your teddy bears if you have been anywhere near buffalo wings. Um ... maybe you should sanitize your whole body before getting near your teddy bear. Buffalo wings are scary.

And ... um ... people eat turkey on Thanksgiving. We feel a little guilty about liking this part of Thanksgiving, but we're very honest here at Furry Thoughts for Fuzzy Times. We feel very sorry for the turkey. We really do. But at Thanksgiving people eat too much, which makes them sleepy. And they eat too much early in the afternoon, which opens a prime late afternoon napping window. And turkeys have tryptophane, which makes even the most grumpy of grump-butts want to nap. Um ... I don't think there is anything we could do to rescue the turkey, so we might as well enjoy the cuddling.

So ... um ... yeah, Thanksgiving might have the best possible nap.
  1. On a cold day
  2. where it gets dark outside early,
  3. people eat too much
  4. food that contains tryptophane
  5. early in the day
  6. and settle in to watch football
  7. while cuddling and napping with their teddy bears.

That might just be the best sentence ever written in the English language.


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