Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bear Napping

Stop the presses! Whoa! There has been a bear napping! And I don't mean bears were sleeping, because that wouldn't be news. I mean a teddy bear has been snatched, abducted, and nabbed. And that is news. Sometimes we can't find Platy for a day or two, but this is serious.

Here's what went down, house guests came over, so all the bears hid in the closet as we are want to do. I don't personally want to hide, because I'm a people-bear and naturally gregarious. But some my brethren are a little more shy and don't like meeting new people. That poses something of a dilemma for us. You see, if a guest sees me, then he or she might surmise that there are other bears residing in the house. Everyone knows that bears live in dens full of other bears. So the guest might start poking around and find the bear cave. I know it would be rude for a guest to search the house, but you'd be surprised what people do when you leave them unattended. They think no one is watching, but George trained with the CIA and knows what happens. Anywho, all I'm trying to say is that we were in the closet because the house was being invaded by outsiders. I don't know whether they were radically other, but they were definitely other.

And when we're in the closet, we try to make the best use of our time. The first time we all got in the closet we thought singing campfire songs would be fun. But that made too much noise and drew attention to us, so we had to find something quieter. After much deliberation in hushed tones, the bears collectively decided that closet time is nap time. So we were all asleep in the closet.

And when we woke, Bear was missing. And I don't mean a bear in some generic sense, I mean Bear, Pi's bud, the kid we just through a going away party for. Bear was nowhere to be found. He was hanging in the closet with the rest of us, but then he was gone!

Where are those meddling kids with the Mystery Machine? We could use some crime solving right about now. If the Mystery Machine isn't available, how about the Bloodhound Gang? They seemed to do a good job of getting to the bottom of things in ten minutes or less. Or maybe Sherlock Hemlock. Really, I don't care who figures out what happened. I just want to get to the bottom of this and find Bear.


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