Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Bears are okay

Um ... hello! A few of you have wondered how the bears are adjusting to life with baby Ricky. Ooh! We have so many stories to tell. Sadly, no one in the house has the energy to help us tell them. Babies are verrry tiring. But ... um ... they are a lot more fun than I thought.

I like getting hugged by Ricky. He's a little sticky sometimes, but he is very sweet. Ozzie never hugs me or buries his face in my belly. Oooh, it tickles. I also like story time. We've read some very nice books about animals going to sleep and animals splashing and how animals feel. Um ... I don't know why so many baby books are about animals, but it is very nice. It is almost enough to make up for the fact that we don't have cable, so we don't have Animal Planet (hint, hint, Ozzie. You promised us cable.).

Um ... I don't like drinking milk. Not one bit. It is messy and gets milk into my fur. I will have to visit the bear spa soon.

Luckily, I don't have to bear the burden by myself. We have a new hero ... Donkey! He's Ricky's favorite bear. Ricky won't sleep without him and drags him around by the house by the ears. Or by the nose. Or by the belly. Um ... basically, Donkey gets dragged around the house a whole lot.
Donkey looks very handsome in this photo. Um ... unfortunately Donkey doesn't look quite so shiny anymore. Or clean. Um ... donkey has a distinct odor attached to him that the bear spa can't quite remove. These are the reasons that Donkey won the M.V.B. this year in a landslide. Yeah, yeah. We all agreed there was not a more valuable bear in the household.

Um ... maybe we'll post again. I hope so. We miss the blog. But ... um ... we also miss sleep and down time, too.

Ooh, being a teddy bear in a house with a baby is a lot of work.


Blogger AtWhatCost said...

Is Donkey a silent bear, or can he tell us what it's like to get dragged and drooled?!

Your puzzled, and no little Peoples' in the House, Buddies,
Teddy T. and Spaulding T. Near

4:37 AM  

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