Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Knight Errant in Error

Platy: Oooh, I'm hopping mad.

Pudgie: What is troubling you, Platy?

Platy: I was playing knights with Ricky and Matthew.

Pudgie: Yes, I can see how that would be upsetting. Their enthusiasm often leads to serving as a projectile or being crushed under a large weight.

Platy: Oh, I like flying and being crushed. It's kind of fun and I am really good at flattening myself. See? (flattens)

Pudgie: Why am I not surprised? What is the problem then?

Platy: Ricky called me a knight's error.

Pudgie: ???

Platy: Platypus' hate being called errors. People always think that we don't hear or understand when they call us nature's error, but we know what they are saying -- at least after the first few times. I can't believe Ricky called me a knight's error! (sob)

Pudgie: That would be surprising, but I think I have surmised the nature of your confusion. Ricky called you "knight errant" not "knight's error".

Platy: Ooooh ... that is much better, you are right. I like the idea of being an knight's errand. It is a little like a quest, only more routine. Maybe the king said, "Go to the zoo and bring me back a platypus." Since I am so good at hiding, it would be a really challenging errand. Maybe if I hid well enough, I could be upgraded to a knight's quest from knight's errand.

Pudgie: "Errant" not "errand." E-R-R-A-N-T, errant. A knight who is traveling in search of adventure.

Platy: OOOOH, that is MUCH, MUCH better. Not many people think of playpuses as dashing knights. I'm like Ricky thinks of me as a noble knight.

Pudgie: Who also makes a handy projectile.

Platy: Yes, I am also a handy project tile. With the right armor, I could probably work as a tile in some really cool projects. And maybe they would stick magnets on me like the refridgerator. I like the refridgerator. It ...

Pudgie: (sigh)


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