Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Um ... hello! Ricky is in bed, Harriet is in the recliner, the cheesecake butt (aka Ozzie) is stuffed full of apple pie, so the bears were allowed to sit on the couch and watch the Super Bowl! Ooh, I'm very excited. We haven't been watching much TV lately and ... um ... I'm not sure why. Harriet is pregnant and due in a few weeks, so her brain has turned to oatmeal. And ... um ... Ozzie has been a tired and grumpy pillow-head for months. I don't think he'd object to anything if we left him to work or sleep. I kinda feel bad for him, but that won't stop me from sitting on his belly and watch the Super Bowl.

Um ... so who is playing? Anyone good?


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