Sunday, January 02, 2005

Reflections on the New Year

Um ... Happy New Year! New Years is usually good time for the bears. Harriet has time off, so we get more cuddling. The weather is cold, so we get more cuddling. Unfortunately, this year Harriet is working on her dissertation and it is warm outside. So we haven't had much cuddling. You won't hear a word of complaint out of the bears, because it is our job to support Harriet, but we're a little disappointed.

Now that I have a blog, I feel obligated to say something seasonal. If I ate food, perhaps I could offer a recipe for tasty cinnamon rolls. But I only eat pillows (and occassionally Harriet's ear) and I don't cook much -- flour and butter are bad for the fur. I could talk about the snow, but it is raining and gross outside, so I pretty much stay in the bed. Oooh ... coming up with something seasonal is hard.

Bears aren't much into self-improvement, but reporting everyone's new year's resolutions seems a good way to go.

I resolve to:
a) Nap;
b) Maintain my plump figure;
c) Pounce on Harriet whenever I get the chance;
d) Take good care of my bunny, George;
e) Say nice things about Ozzie.
That last one is going to be hard if he keeps on being a pillowhead.

Moose resolves to say "Moose!"

Platy resolves to stay round, brown, and upside down.

Um ... as I said, bears aren't much into self-improvement. We're pretty happy with the way we are (unless we're being picked up by one leg). I hope you, the reader, are happy with the way you are this year, too.


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