Friday, January 21, 2005

When Ozzie's away, the bears ... um ... nap?

Um ... hello. I'm sorry that the bears have been incommunicado lately. Oof, we've been very busy. You'd think that with Ozzie gone, we'd have more free time to blog, but it just isn't true. Yeah. Um, Ozzie actually takes up a lot of Harriet's time, so we bears can occupy ourselves with other activities. Gladstone ponders his cookie. Buffy looks at herself in the mirror. Pudgie reads. Um, and recently, we blog.

... What's that Duck? ... Yes, we nap as well. We always like napping. It is one of the things we are best at and we enjoy the most. Maybe that is why bears are so happy. Oooh, just think if you liked playing violin and were bad at it. That would be painful for everyone nearby. Harriet likes sleeping, but sometimes she isn't so good at it. You'd think with all of our coaching, maybe she would be better at it.

Um, anyways, with Ozzie gone, we spend more time with Harriet. We like spending time with Harriet, but sometimes she is high maintenance. I sometimes call Ozzie a pillowhead, but he is pretty good at taking care of Harriet. My head gets salty a lot less frequently than it used to.

... What's that George? ... Oooh! You're right. I don't mean to imply that Harriet misses Ozzie too much. She misses him just the right amount. There has been no crying. All I meant to say is that we're not blogging because we don't have things to say. We're just a little busy right now.

But stay tuned .... stay tuned ... staaay tuuuuuned.

How do you like my spooky voice? Scary isn't it?


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