Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bears of the World Unite!

Um ... hello! Today we made a verrry exciting discovery. It turns out that there are lots of bears who blog. Yeah, yeah. We were a little surprised that we were the only ones, but we just couldn't find any others. But then we found a WebRing full of teddy bear sites and blogs. Wow. Wow.

Let's see, let's see ... ooh! I'm so excited I can barely talk. Um ... Teddy and Spaulding keep a journal with a lot of smily faces. Yuki-kun is a rabbit who blogs and takes pictures. Um ... it's a little worrying that Yuki-kun calls her person "master." It sounds kind of like I Dream of Genie. But Yuki-Kun seems well loved, so that is all that matters. Mawson is an advice columnist for teddy bears. I think that is very nice service to provide. I especially like his photo essay on what to do when your person isn't around. I thought the Atlanta Wagsy's were the only bears who mowed lawns, but Mawson found a penguin in a hat mowing a lawn. Wow. The internet is wonderful. I can order silk sheets, I can invite over friends for parties, and I can see a penguin mowing a lawn while wearing a hat. He looks very good in the hat.

You know, I wasn't sure how I'd feel once we found other bears who blogged. We kinda took pride in being a unique voice for bears on the web. But ... um ... ooh, I'm really excited about the newly found bears. It is good to know the world has other furry forces. Pudgie counselled us against existential crises (I'm still not sure what he meant), but I don't think that was necessary. We're still a unique voice, but now we can hear other bear perspectives. Pudgie also drew a parallel to the search for extra-terrestial life. Until you find it, you might think you're alone in the universe. I know I'm not alone in the universe: I've got my bunny, George.

But if there are space aliens, I hope they are big and furry like Sully in Monster's Inc..


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