Thursday, August 25, 2005

Teddy Bear Games: A Rejoinder -- Take Two

Um ... hello. I'm back. Um ... I just remembered why I was blogging on Thursday. The rest of us wanted to respond to Pudgie's post about game playing. I was going to do it on Thursday, but I got sidetracked by Ozzie. But he's busy at work now, so there won't be any interuptions. He works really hard. If I worked that hard, I'd be a pillowhead, too. Um ... I suppose I work hard at napping and staying soft, but that is different from writing and lecturing.

Um ... yeah, um ... I brought the notes from our meeting so I would stay on target. Basically, we disagreed with a lot of what Pudgie said and we thought we should offer another furry perspective. Um ... I don't seem able to focus right now, so maybe I should just relate the exciting parts of the minutes of our meeting.

Wagsy: Um ... hello. Um ... hello! Could everyone settle down? Um ... hello? ... Moose could you please slow down? Goofball, put down Platy! Hello! Duck! Duck! What are you doing, Duck?! Buffy, could you help me?

Buffy: Like let's get this meeting started, people! If you all don't be quiet, the meeting will like never get started and we'll totally miss Oprah.

Wagsy: Um ... thank you, Buffy. That was very effective. Um ... I trust you know what is on today's agenda.

Platy: Reading the minutes from the last meeting.

[General mutters of agreement.]

Wagsy: Um ... yes, yes, we will read the minutes, but I was talking about Pudgie's last post.

Goofball: What was the man thinking? I've played lots of games with Bear and Pi. We played in the laundry. We played Hangman. We played bear cave. We played find Uncle Goofball the remote control. We played who can stay quiet through the seventh inning. We played find the itch on Goofball's back. These are all good games for the kids to play.

Buffy: Hello! Role playing can be totally important to a young bear's development. Like when your person is telling you a REALLY boring story about work or school or some other thing that puts you on the express train to Yawnsville, you totally have to act interested so they like feel good about themselves. And like it can be really hard playing roles, cuz like if it were easy, everyone would be a good actor and that just isn't true.

Gladstone: I take great offence at Professor Pudge Bear's implication that any bear can "fumble" its way through tea. Nothing could be further from the truth. Participating in a proper tea takes good breeding and refined sensibilities. There is nothing common or fumbling about the hallmark of British culture.

Platy: Are we going to read the minutes? I always like that part.

Wagsy: Um ... I kind of wondered what was wrong with Sorry!. I kinda liked Sorry!. When I sent someone back to start, I was always kind of sorry, so it was nice to say. And I always did like the goal of going home. It seemed a very nice place to go.

Moose: Moose!

Amelia: I thought Pudgie's post was very nice. He expressed his opinion very clearly. And I thought his point about asymetrical blame attribution was interesting.

Buffy: You know what I totally adore about you, Amelia? Like you're a total brain and like you never show it off. It just like sorta slips out sometimes. Like that is so cool. You're a down chick, Amelia.

Duck: Quack, quack quack quack. Quack quack quack quack quack. Quack QUACK quack quACK.

Goofball: And who's going to argue with that sentiment? Certainly not me.

Platy: Last time we didn't read the minutes either.

Um ... the meeting went on a while longer sorta like that. Um ... but you kind of get the idea. We thought Pudgie was unnecessarily rude about many perfectly find activities for bears to do with their people. There is nothing wrong with tea parties or Hi, Hi Cheerio.


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