Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Parallels are Spooky

I know that Pudgie said not to have an existential crisis, but that is mighty hard when there is a website in Australia that is us only not us. It's really eerie. First off, Mawson looks like a combination of Gladstone and Wagsy. Mawson says "um" and Wagsy says "um." Mawson refers to his "people", Harriet is Wagsy's "person." We love to nap and frequently discuss it, napping is one of Mawson's three bear laws. We have frequent meetings, Mawson and crew "confur." We've been training Bear and Pi to be the bear of a small child, Mawson has done the same thing. He even did the kitchen bit!

I'm telling you it's creepy. Two households should simply not be populated by characters so similar. What's even weirder? Mawson maintained his website for five years and we started up about the time he quit. It's like the world decided that it needed the karmic energy of Mawson, so our team pulled together at that precise moment. I'm not only questioning my identity, but also my free will. I've never had an existential crisis, but I'm guessing this is one. Either that or a stroke and I KNOW my cholesterol ain't high.

Maybe I am just jealous. Mawson got onto the web first, so he has all those fancy links and lists of friends and emails from fans. I suppose I shouldn't be envious. I'm in a household that loves me. The sheets are changed regularly. My poetry is developing. I still haven't had to take a bath. Yup, life is pretty good. Nothing to be jealous about -- I have everything I need here in the Bend.




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