Thursday, August 25, 2005

Teddy Bear Games: A Rejoinder

Um ... hello. Do you like the title? Ozzie helped us come up with it. He thought that if we were going to respond to Pudgie, we ought to have a suitably academic sounding title. I kinda like the sound of a rejoinder. I like joining people and groups for activities like cuddling and napping and tv watching. And REjoining makes it sound like I have done it before and everyone is familiar and an old friend.



[short whisper]

Wow. Ozzie informs me that I just deconstructed the term rejoinder. I don't think I have ever deconstructed anything before. Um ... I'm not really into construction or demolition. Oooh, I saw what the contractor did to the house when he was fixing it up and it wasn't very bear friendly. I'm thankful for the work he did, but um ... it's one of those things that I would rather see the end result and avoid the process. A lot of things are like that. I like the bear spa [Editor's translation: washing machine] but I don't think I'd want to be around when Sears made it. I like sheets, but I don't think a sheet factory would be a good place for me. Oooh! I could get sucked into the machine and be made into 1000 thread count sheets. I might like the end product, but I wouldn't be around to enjoy it and that would make Harriet sad.

[Editor's note: Don't flatter yourself, bear. They'd be lucky to bear 180 threads with your sorry polyester filling.]

Um ... a little talkative today, aren't we Ozzie? Feeling a little isolated at work are we?

[Editor: No, not really. Okay, not often. Maybe. Yeah, but what's your point.]

No point. I'm just wondering. Pillowhead. Um ... anyways ... um ... let's see where was I? Rejoinder ... deconstructing ... don't like construction ... um, you know I got off on a tangent. I really don't think I'd like the making of anything.

[Editor: What about a bed?]

Oooh, you're right! I do like making beds. It means there are clean sheets and I get to sit in the clean sheets while the old sheets are being stripped. Yes, I like making the bed.

[Editor: What about making friends?]

Um ... yes, I do like making friends. In just the last couple of weeks we've made friends with Teddy and Spaulding. They sent us a very nice email welcoming us to the web. We've met some other nice people, too. Making friends is pretty easy when you are as cute and furry as we are. Um ... shame you have such trouble making friends ... isn't it Ozzie.

[Editor: Ouch.]

Oooh-ho-ho! I got in a good one. Getting zinged by a bear with stuffin' for brains. That is pretty sad.

[Editor: Not as low as blogging with a teddy bear late at night.]

Um ... why is that low? I think it is very nice and more people should do it. Then we'd have a lot of blogs to read. Oooh, that would be bliss. I could just sit all day and read blogs, when I am not napping of course. Just think of all the useful things I'd learn. New napping techniques. Some health care tips. Teddy bears could write about so many things.

[Editor: Do you even remember what you're writing about?]

Yes, yes I do. I'm writing about ... um ... pillows?

[Editor: No.]

But I really like pillows. Um ... sheets? That doesn't sound right. Are you sure that I am not blogging about pillows?

[Editor: Yes.]

Um ... naps? Oooh, I like napping. I could talk about napping all day long -- except when I am napping, of course. Um ... I dunno, Ozzie. What am I writing about?

[Editor: I'm not telling you.]

Why? Why aren't you going to help me?

[Editor: Because I am sulking.]

Um ... okay. Um ... there doesn't seem to be much point in blogging, now does there? Um ... I'll come back to this when I think of what I was going to say.


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