Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Football season starts

Um ... hello. Tomorrow is a verrry exciting day. Yeah, yeah. Professional footbal starts tomorrow. I don't really like football much. It seems kind of violent. And dirty. And the players aren't really ... um ... soft? Um ... to be honest, it is hard to think of anyone less bear-like than football players. Other than offensive linemen and maybe defensive ends. Ooh, some of them are shaped like pillows. Sweaty, smelly, and ill tempered pillows, but definitely pillows. Um ... anyways, football is not a good game for bears.

But at the start of the football season, the bears some times get new clothing. I never used to pay much attention to clothes. I had my bow tie and that is about all I needed. But watching Buffy, I have learned to appreciate accessories. Ozzie was kind enough to dress me up in area appropriate team colors.

Go Chicago

Even though we live in Indiana, a lot of people here root for the Chicago Bears. I have nothing against bears, so I will happily root for the local bears. Since I don't care about football, there is no reason to antagonize people over it.

But the real reason I look forward to the start of football season is the cuddling. There is a lot of TV watching during football season and that usually means cuddling with Harriet. For some reason, Ozzie doesn't like cuddling with teddy bears when he watches football. But I don't need him to cuddle. Here I am with my bunny George -- he'll always cuddle with me (though he doesn't always look so happy about it).

Decked out with my bunny

George wondered if he might be named after George Halas. I had no idea what he was talking about. George said that I obviously wasn't much of a Bears fan. I quickly told George not to blow my cover. I wouldn't want the natives to find out I am a fraud and sacrifice me to the football gods (they take football very seriously around here). You'd think being a CIA bunny George would know not to expose under cover agents.


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