Monday, April 03, 2006

Go Teddy Bruins!

Hi there. Sitting here watching the game with Ozzie. Good start to the evening. Plenty o' couch sittin' and chillin' with my person to go around. Naturally, I am rooting for UCLA. Had 'em going all the way. I sure did. I think I won our house pool. We don't know much about basketball, so we didn't bother picking all the games -- just the championship game. So here were our picks:

Gladstone: California

Wagsy: UConn and Gonzaga (I don't know why he got to pick two teams. Why not three or four teams, while you are at it. Did he forget about Southern Illinois and Washington and Georgetown?)

Squawky: Marquette and Boston College

Lobby: LSU and Memphis (apparently, he feels some affinity for tigers ... I don't ask too many questions, or make any judgement. Goofball reports, you decide.)

UCLA at least got to the final round, so I win right? There isn't much riding on the game. Everyone chipped in ten minutes with the body pillow during the day. I reckon that I will get an hour or so surrounded in plushy comfort. I could use the down time. It is a stressful and bizarre time around here. I can't quite my finger on it. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

That didn't go very well, did it now? Still, luxuriating in polyster filling will do a lot to ease my disappointment.


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