Sunday, February 06, 2005

Unjustly accused

Um ... hello. We're very sorry that the bears haven't written lately. Since Ozzie is working on his dissertation, we don't have reliable access to a computer. It is very vexing. The bears get ignored all day AND and and we don't get to update our blog. Ooh, I'll be glad when these dissertations are finished. The only reason I can type now is that Ozzie is baking apple pie for a Superbowl party and left his computer unguarded. The Wags dog seizes the opportunity and pounces!

You will never guess what the pillowhead did the other day. Harriet lost her wallet. She is a little prone to losing things, but the bears love her anyway. She searched the entire house and then thought maybe she left it in the office (I don't know how she works there. It is made of cinderblocks and doesn't look very comfy. Much better to write in a bed with a lobster on your head). Well, she got to work and couldn't find the wallet, so she called Ozzie and asked him to search the house again. Ooh, he turned the house upside down looking for the wallet, but he couldn't find it anywhere. Then things turned ugly:

Ozzie: Wagsy, have you seen Harriet's wallet?

Wagsy: Um, no, no I haven't.

Ozzie: Are you sure you didn't take Harriet's wallet?

Wagsy: Oooh! What are you implying?! I'm not a thief.

Ozzie: You always say you want the credit cards.

At this point, the pillowhead picked me up by my foot and kept asking me where I hid Harriet's wallet. I tried to tell him I didn't know where it was and he didn't believe me. Finally, my bunny, George, told Ozzie that torture isn't a reliable means of extracting information. I like George, he's furry and I think he used to be in the CIA. Or maybe he still is. He won't comment on it, so it must be true. Anyways, Ozzie put me down and apologized. Boy was he embarrassed when the wallet was found at the gym. I would never go to the gym.

What a pillowhead.


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