Sunday, February 20, 2005

Valentine's Day

Okay, so like Valentine's Day passed. I sent a card to Brad, but I don't know if he received it. I mean like he probably received thousands of Valentine's Day cards from women all over the world, but I bet I'm the only aardvark sending him a card. I even sealed the envelope with a big kiss. I know you're like thinking that is way too cliche, but you obviously haven't seen an aardvark kiss. It was a really good one, too; both of my nostrils were really clear.

Say what, Wagsy? Oh, like what did I write? Well, like I knew it had to be special to catch his attention. So, like, is there a better way of grabbing attention than including a picture of myself?

Sultry Buffy

I tried to look extremely serious and sexy just like those models in Cosmo. Only I totally look better because you can't see my ribs and I haven't been plucked like a frying chicken.

I don't mind being alone for Valentine's Day cuz like I'm pretty happy at the moment. I'm stunningly good looking and my modeling and press engagements don't take up a lot of time, so I can hang with my friend, Amelia. She's an armadillo. If I were an anteater, then Amelia and I would be cousins. That would be SOOO cool. But I think I'm an aardvark and I feel kind of strongly about it. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it is because I don't want to be defined by what I do: "Anteater". Like, I KNOW I eat ants, but I am so much more than a sexy girl who eats termites and ants. I may not know where I am from, but I know where I am going.

... and dating Brad Pitt would make it so much easier to get there (and be kind of fun).


Blogger Wagsy said...

Wow, Buffy. Your new headshot is really stunning. Oooff, I don't quite know how to write this, but.... well, to be honest, I've been reading a lot about Brad Pitt in Alexandra's US Weekly. Ummm, I'm sure he is very nice and all, and he seems to love his mother, but US Weekly claims he was just riding on Jennifer Aniston's coat tails, and I think you deserve so much better than that. Yours, Wagsy.

p.s. And did you see that whole Troy outfit - he just can't match you in term of style.

11:01 PM  
Blogger Buffy said...

Oh, my god, Wagsy. Us Weekly is SOOO wrong about Brad riding Jennifer's coattails. First off, like what coattails? She wasn't exactly lighting up the screen in Rock Star, but Mark Wahlberg was kind of cute. Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller normally make popular movies, but Along Came Polly AND Bruce Almighty BOTH bombed. Jennifer was the common denominator (well, that and the crappy scripts, what were these guys thinking?). And did she even get a nomination for her Oscar vehicle (The Good Girl)? I don't think so. Now that friends is over, I don't see any coattails.

And, Brad Pitt is WAAAY talented. He's been in 19 movies since 1994 and he has looked hot in almost every one of them. When a boy has a butt that cute, I'll happily ride those coattails. ;)

11:27 PM  

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