Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Training the new recruits

As Wagsy mentioned a few days ago, we have been very busy training new bears. One might suppose that pedagogy is of little value to a teddy bear, but that viewpoint is mistaken. A good teddy bear is both a companion and a guide in a young child's journeys. A more erudite guide will create a happier and healthier child than a young bear simply thrown into active duty.

Meet our two newest students, "Bear" and "Pi." Past experience has suggested that young children form a tighter bond with teddy bears they name themselves. Thus, we refrain from providing full names to our recruits, lest it cause a cognitive disconnect and alienation in the baby teddy bear.

Bear Bear is a bright eyed and eager student whose softness rivals virgin Mongolian cashmere. Bear has an excellent sense of humor, showed an affinity for Mozart, and exhibited a real concern for broader social issues.
Pi Pi is a truculent fellow. Boisterous and gregarious, Pi used humor and argumentation to hide his nervousness and insecurity. Needless to say, Pi liked Brahms.

Usually we train bears one at a time, but a coincidence in fertility led to two friends of Ozzie and Harriet giving birth at roughly the same time. In retrospect, I think the classroom approach worked well. Bear and Pi bonded and provided support for one another during their course of study. Over the years, I have trained a great many bears. I have experimented with various instructional techniques and adapted to the challenges facing modern bears. However, there are lessons that are best learned from peers and not instructors.
The class of April 2005 For instance, I had nothing to contribute to a discussion as to whether or not "Lil Bowwow" was furry or not furry.
And while I could lecture on the importance of cooperation from an economic perspective, the opportunity for Bear and Pi to work together on concrete tasks helped to cement the lessons. The environment proved so conducive to learning that we will probably endeavor to educate baby bears in groups in the future.

We'll try to post the progress of Bear and Pi on a regular basis.

Speaking of progress, Wagsy wanted me to post the following map. I don't approve of Wagsy's obsession with luxury goods, such as silk sheets and cable TV, but I recognize the web log is a communal endeavor, and I will comply with his request.



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