Saturday, March 19, 2005

Witness Protection Program

Um ... hello. Long time readers of Furry Thoughts for Fuzzy Times (aka Bear in the Bed Blog) will have noticed that our people are now named Ozzie and Harriet. New readers of the blog won't notice a thing. So, all you new readers out there, nothing has changed. Everything is normal. The bears are very happy with Ozzie and Harriet and there is no reason to make further inquiries.

Um ... the change was made because people are starting to read the blog. Ooh, it is very exciting, but a little scary at the same time. You see, bears are friendly, but a little shy. We want to make people happy, but we don't always like meeting new people. Um ... it's kind of like being trapped between a rock and a soft place.

So, we bears had a meeting to decide what to do with the new set of readers. Goofball motioned to welcome the readers and that motion was seconded. But Gundy made another motion to make the site subscription only and that motion was also seconded. Um ... bears aren't very good at holding meetings. We like to make people happy and don't have any strong opinions, so whenever someone proposes something, we all support it. Sometimes, it gets very confusing. Platy made three proposals. We then voted and passed each one declaring Platy brown, round, and upside down. At this point we kinda forgot why we were meeting and decided to hold a staring contest.

Um, eventually my bunny, George, proposed that we use pseudonyms for our people, like gangsters in the witness protection program. We all thought this was an excellent compromise. Gladstone declared it the Bunny Compromise. Goofball said that was a lame name and Gladstone told Goofball to come up with a better one. While Goofball thought about it, the rest of us voted to live with Ozzie and Harriet, because they seemed like such a happy family. We definitely did not want to like with Ralph and Alice Cramden -- that man is just not very furry.

So we're living with Ozzie and Harriet. There is no cause for alarm, we have not been abducted, and nothing to see other than bears in their natural habitat ... the bed.

Ooh, I should take this opportunity to show a picture of my bunny, George.

Um ... I think he might be in the CIA or something. He won't say either way, but I figured we should protect his identity just in case. He knows a lot about spying and I hear rabbit ears can pick up TV signals.


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