Monday, March 14, 2005


Woof! There it is. Woof! There it is.

Um ... today was a good day for the bears. Today Ozzie and Harriet submitted their dissertations. Oooh, it was a struggle. But the bears banded together and got the dissertations done.

Some people might think that the bears couldn't be of much assistance in writing long documents, but it just isn't true. We can be a big help. Yeah, yeah. For instance ...

Pudgie made sure that Harriet cited the important international trade literature. His references were a little dated, though. I'm not sure he has read much about tariffs and trade since the 1980s. But it was a start.

My bunny, George, scoped out the house and made sure that Harriet had no distractions. He also protected against would be burglars.

Buffy laid out Harriet's outfits, so she wouldn't have to worry about what to wear to the office.

Squawky flew to New Haven with Ozzie to submit the documents. He's an Eagle, you know. They like flying. The rest of the bears aren't so keen on flying, since we're usually put into a suitcase and smooshed. Squawky is pretty small and flexible, so he's always up for travelling.

Goofball offered to type for Harriet, but she declined. Instead, he wrote a limerick:

There once was a young girl from Dallas
Whose typing fingers were calloused
She tried all her might
and worked through the night
applying econometrika principallus

Um ... Pudgie pointed out that Goofball's Latin wasn't very good, but Goofball said he couldn't think of a word that rhymed with Dallas and belonged in a teddy bear's limerick, and he wasn't going to lose the "calloused" line. Pudgie agreed the second line was very good.

Amelia and Duck made sure that the pillows were nice and fluffy at night for Harriet. They thought about cleaning the floor, but I don't think they liked the idea of getting too close to Mop 'N Glo. Those two words put together are fearsome for bears. I can't think of anything that would be more disturbing than seeing a glow in the dark teddy bear being used as a mop. Ooh! Just the thought of it makes my fur stand on end.

And, me? Um, well, ... I ..., um, what did I do? Did I do anything?


Ooh! Yeah! Yeah! I helped to direct all the activities. Solid management is very important to big endeavors like dissertation writing.

And we all made sure to cuddle with Harriet and make sure that she wasn't lonely with Ozzie in New Haven. So, um, I'd say we did our part.


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