Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Recognition for the Blog

Um ... hello. We discovered the other day that we are a website of the week. Yeah, yeah, Bigfoot decided to make us a link. Oooh ... we're very excited. It even comes with an award:

I'm pretty sure that is Bigfoot in the picture. He looks very cuddly. And he is aptly named because, well, he does have big feet.

Bigfoot has a very large family. Just look for yourself.

Wow. Wowsers, that is a lot of bears. Um ... I don't even know where we would put all the bears. A bear room might not do it, we would need a bear wing. That would be nice.

Um ... speaking of nice, Bigfoot also has a girlfriend. They look very happy together. I bet they can stare into each other's eyes for a very long time.

Teddy bears don't often have romantic attachments, which is a little odd since we sometimes get married. If Harriet had been younger when she got me, then perhaps I'd be married. I think I would make a pretty good husband, but I am happy being a bachelor. I can wake up when I like, nap whenever I want, and I don't have to worry about bad fur days. Um ... I suppose I change some of my patterns for Harriet. We cuddle and tell each other secrets. It cuts into my napping, but Harriet is worth it. My relationship with Harriet is kind of like having a girlfriend, but she is my person and that is a different relationship all together.


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