Thursday, September 29, 2005

Veggin' Out

Sometimes, like the best days are the days where you don't do much of anything. Like today, I just sat around in my pajamas all day. I mean, I didn't just sit there like one of those Mr. Clean-type monk dudes from Tibet or anything, but like I didn't do anything responsible that would advance my career or require me to comb my hair. I woke up and was like all burnt out, so I figured I could take a Buffy Day to recharge my batteries.

So if I didn't do nothing, but I didn't do anything like what did I do? Did that make sense? This post is getting hard to write. I didn't want to do anything difficult on my personal day, and the semantic challenges of writing this post are starting to make it feel like work. Bummer.


but like I still want to tell you what I did with my day, so let me start over.

Okay, so like I woke up and wanted to keep the exertion to a minimum. So I started out just lounging around on the bed for a while. You know that late morning period when you can just lie in an empty bed all stretched out from snout to tail? It is like one of the most awesome feelings in the world. So I totally luxuriated for a while.

Then I rolled over and started checking out back copies of US Weekly. I'm WAAAY behind on my news. I've missed like three weeks of Britney's pregnancy and two major break ups. How did Rene and Tori's marital problems fall under my radar screen? I usually have a nose for scandal, but I totally missed the boat on these relationships. What I didn't see was any updates on Brad and Angelina. Like the last I heard, they were getting married or something. How does US expect me to go almost a full month without any updates on that situation? They totally left me hanging.

So after reading all those back issues, I felt caught up with the world and was ready to do something fun. So I called Amelia and we decided to watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Why? BCUZ it totally has Antonio Banderas AND Johnny Depp in it. *swoon* A movie about a hitman, the CIA, and a corrupt general isn't normally what gets me going, but if you put enough eye candy in a movie, I'll watch pretty much anything. Salma Hayek is in the movie, too, and Amelia and I both kind of look up to her. She's like really hot and people still respect her. That is totally hard to do in Hollywood. So the movie hit the spot and gave us a good excuse to sit around and eat chocolate covered ants.

After the movie, Amelia and I did our nails. I don't think most people know this, but doing your nails when you are an aardvark or armadillo takes a lot of time. For starters, your nails get really grubby digging around for ants and termites. Secondly, like when you are made for digging around for ants and termites, your nails are like super tough. If any psycho-star-stalker tries to grab me, he'll be sorry he did because my nails are fierce. Anyways, the point is that filing down nails made for forraging takes a lot of effort. But in the end, we both had movie star quality nails and were feeling prety good about the world.

So Amelia and I hung out listening to music and talkin' about stuff. We're both really into "Death Cab for Cutie" right now. The songs seem like they are one thing, but if you listen closely you'll see they are something else. A song titled "The Sound of Settling" should NOT be peppy and uptempo, but it is and that is so cool. Death Cab totally reminds me of Amelia. She seems like she is a quiet wall flower, but really she is a force of nature. I mean she could totally do whatever she wanted to like be the first female armadillo President or something. I just need to convince her to do things. Anyways, I LOOOOVE spending time with my girl, Amelia.

And like that more or less gets you caught up with my day up until now. I will go watch Oprah with the other bears and then wait for Ozzie and Harriet to come home. All in all, I would say that this was a pretty good day even if not a lot happened.

Some days, being a teddy bear is the best.


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