Friday, November 11, 2005

Four doofs in a laundry basket -- so what?

So like the other day, Amelia and I are lying around talking about how the media is all hypocritical because they say that Britney is a bimbo and not interesting, but then they like follow her around everywhere. Hello! You can't have it both ways fellas. And then before we can start planning out my next photographic art exhibition, like this ruckus gets started. I mean it like totally came out of nowhere and totally derailed my train of thought. And like this household is usually pretty peaceful, so like you notice when feathers get ruffled.

Like I'm still not sure of what led to the uproar. Wagsy is all up in Goofball's face telling him to do something. So then Goofball suggests like burying Wagsy, who then like comes right back and talk about jealousy. At this point, I'm in total shock. I mean this NEVER happens. And Wagsy and Goofball are tight like my store's marketing budget. So I'm blown away and stuff. I mean, if this had been an episode of Law and Order then Goofball or Wagsy would have ended up dead. I didn't catch all of it, but it sounded intense.

So like I turn around to ask Amelia if she knows what is going on and when I turn back, Wagsy, Lewis, George, and Goofball had all jumped in a laundry basket. I was ready for anything, but I was NOT expecting them jump in a laundry basket. It should be pointed out that Lewis was wearing an adorable set of overalls that seemed perfect for our unseasonably warm fall. So like now I am transfixed. Like what is going to happen?

It turns out that they are pretending to go bobsledding. George and Lewis seem really into it and Wagsy is providing sound effects that sound sort of like a street sweeper. Goofball is complaining about sitting in the back of the basket and about elbows and stuff. The guys are totally rocking the basket side to side and seem to be enjoying himself.

So like I turn to Amelia to tell her how sweet this whole thing is, but like when I turn back, everyone has jumped out of the laundry basket and there is excess stuffin laying around. Absolutely foul. So gross.

And I was there, but I have no idea what happened. I mean it might have been exciting, but I missed it and noone wants to talk about it. It is moments like these I wish the paparazi were following me around so these things would be documented and I could watch re-plays on television.


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