Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Birthday Party

Um ... hello! So this weekend, we threw a big birthday party for Harriet. Yeah, yeah. It was really fun. We bears don't throw parties very often, but when we do we really go all out. Let's see there is ... um .... Christmas and ... um ... National Teddy Bear Day and ... Valentine's Day and ... um ... Easter and St. Patrick's Day ... um ... and Election Day because that is when we get Ozzie back and he stops being tired and grouchy and ... May Day and April Fool's Day and ...


No, no, I don't think we celebrate Kwanzaa.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure that we don't celebrate Kwanzaa.


You're right it is a pretty word, maybe we should look into celebrating Kwanzaa,


No, I can't recall ever celebrating Australia Day. Um ... do you --


No, we don't celebrate Anzac Day. Look, I'm try--


Platy, do you mind!? I'm trying to write a post about Harriet's birthday party and you're ... um ... distracting me.


Um, that's okay, Platy. Don't be sad ... ooh! I made Platy cry. Um ... I know that you didn't mean to be annoying. Don't worry. Everyone interupts me when I post. ooh! He's still crying. What should I do? ... um ... Do you want to help me post, Platy? Would that make you feel better?

Platy: M-m-m-maybe.

Wagsy: Good, good. Um ... what was I talking about?

Platy: H-h-holidays.

Wagsy: Um ... you're right. The point I was making is that we don't celebrate many holidays, so we make a big deal out of Harriet's birthday. All of the bears get together and get dressed up for the party. Sometimes we have trouble deciding upon a theme for dressing up. We all have different ideas. Goofball wanted a Western theme so he could dress up as a cowboy. Pudgie wanted everyone to dress in academic regalia to honor Harriet's first birthday as a professor. Buffy suggested --

Platy: I wanted a vegetable theme so I could come as root marm.

Wagsy: Um ... yeah, yeah you did suggest vegetables. It was a very nice suggestion. Um ... I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they wanted to dress up like rootmarm. What is rootmarm?

Platy: Thanks. It is a brown flavorless mush.

Wagsy: O-kay ... anyways, the theme we decided upon was birthday party, so we all put on birthday hats. I think we looked very cute.

Happy Birthday, Harriet!

Wagsy: Ooh! I love it when we all get together for parties. It is so nice to see the whole family together.

Platy: Especially at Kwanzaa.

Wagsy: Um ... Platy, I already told you; we don't celebrate Kwanzaa. I'm sure it is a very nice holiday, but ... um ... we just don't do it. ... Um ... anyways, we surprised Harriet and we gave her flowers. We would have given her a body pillow but Ozzie moved a little too slowly.

Platy: We also gave her a lobster.

Wagsy: Oooh! You're right, you're right. We did give Harriet a lobster. Lobby is a very nice lobster too. We give her a lobster every year. He's about the size of a bouquet of flowers, and he's really colorful, and he's always happy. Yeah, yeah, it is nice to receive a lobster. No holiday would be complete without giving a lobster. Um ... I think Harriet enjoyed her party. What do you think, Platy?

Platy: My hat didn't fit.

Festive Party Goers

Wagsy: Um ... you're right. Your hat didn't fit. I guess that is a problem with being a small bear.

Platy: I'm a platypus.

Wagsy: I know, Platy, that --

Platy: I'm brown. I'm round.

Wagsy: And you're upside down.

Platy: Yes. How did you know?

Wagsy: Lucky guess. Um ... Happy birthday, Harriet!


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