Thursday, November 10, 2005

Painfully Annoying

Oooof! Um ... hello. Ozzie can be so frustrating some times. He was working on his laptop in bed and everyone was happy. Squawky and I were watching him type and read and we were all cozy. Then Ozzie decided to make a "Painfully Annoying" mix of music. Um ... I'm not an expert in music, but I don't it was necessary tonight. Um ... Ween is not music and neither is Whitney Houston. Ooooh, it was painful. When Ozzie sets his mind to something, he sure can succeed. I tried stuffing cotton in my ears, but then I remembered that they are already full of polyester.

Um ... what really upset me was that Ozzie would rather spend his time listening to music he thinks is bad than play with the bears. We could have played Trivial Pursuit. Or, maybe even Yahtzee. But instead we had to listen to "She Don't Use Jelly." Um ... it is pretty insulting when you think about it.

Pudgie is really upset. Ozzie should really be working on lectures for next week. Conferences papers might be something that he could get a jump on too. Um ... there are a lot of better uses for Ozzie's time. Pudgie then said that if Ozzie insisted on wasting his time on music, he could at least listen to Beethoven or Bartok. Ozzie responded by thanking Pudgie and adding "A Fifth of Beethoven" to the mix. Pudgie was not amused. I don't think I've ever seen him so mad to be honest. He almost started hopping around he was so angry.

Um ... you know I never thought I could dislike cuddling in the bed, but when the Spice Girls are playing it is hard to enjoy anything in life. I think when Ozzie leaves the house we will have to hide the new mix cd. A bear can take only so much.


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