Monday, November 21, 2005

Goodbye Party

Um ... hello. Today we threw a going away party for Bear and Pi. It was very sad. I mean, it was very fun. Oooh, it was very fun and a little sad. Yeah, yeah, I think that is right. It was nice to have such a large group of people together to say goodbye.

Going Away Party for the Young Bears

First, we started out by cuddling. That was nice. Then we decided to play charades. Um, charades is a little difficult for teddy bears to play. We don't move very quickly and our range of motion is a tad limited. So it is hard to pantomine different actions. Luckily, the only movie that most of us watch involves teddy bears, so it wasn't too hard to guess. Yeah, yeah. I think I performed Brother Bear three times. And the group guessed correctly every time. Um ... playing charades wore us out, so we decided to take a nap. Normally, I like napping, but this nap was bitter sweet since it was the last time that I would nap with Bear and Pi. Oh, saying good bye is very hard.

Give a Lobster

We decided to give Bear and Pi a lobster in honor of their new journey. What a nice way to begin a trip. Who wouldn't want to receive a lobster? Lobby is so friendly. Lobby managed to cheer everyone up and we felt like dancing. We boogied and shook our stuffin' until we felt like napping. Napping is the best.

Saying goodbye is not the best. I don't where it ranks precisely, but I don't like saying goodbye. I know that Bear and Pi have small children waiting for them, but I'll miss them a lot.

Um ... good luck little guys.


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