Thursday, November 10, 2005

Laundry Basket Bobsledding

Um ... hello! Since Ozzie is a pillowhead spends his time making pointless, "painfully annoying" mix CDs, we bears decided to entertain ourselves. Now that Ozzie and Harriet both have jobs, we spend most of the day amongst only bears and we've become very good at having fun without our people. The untrained eye might think we are lying around, but actually ... um ... we are ... um ... yeah, we kinda are just lying around. But, I'd just like to say that napping is very fun.

So at first we decided to entertain ourselves by napping. And we had a very good nap. But it seemed a little unsatisfying and that is ... um ... unusual and a little disappointing. Sometimes Harriet feels tired and unsatisfied after a nap, but bears almost always sleep well. Why wasn't the nap doing its job?

Um ... well, it turns out that we wanted to make Ozzie a little jealous so he would come play with us. I know it isn't very mature or furry, but ... well ... it was kinda true. I think we wanted the pillowhead to notice all the fun he was missing out on and ... um ... napping didn't seem to do the trick. So we had to do something new.

Enter Laundry Basket Bobsledding. Wow. I think Goofball came up with the idea. Wow.
Laundry Basket Bobsledding
So here we are at the top of the mountain with lots of fluffy and white snow. Looking down we can see that it is very steep and ... um ... a little scary. We bears aren't very used to excitement.
Watch us Zoom down the Mountain
Whoosh! Look at how my ears are flying back because of the wind. Lewis and my bunny George are getting pushed back in all the acceleration. Whoosh! ... that is kind of fun, I think I'll say it again ... Whoosh! ... Whoosh! WHOOSH!
Unfortunately ...
Um ... unfortunately, Lewis couldn't handle all the excitement and blew stuffing. George decided this was a good time to get out of the laundry basket. Goofball and I seconded the motion. Poor Lewis. Don't worry though, his snazzy overalls were okay.

And you know, despite all that excitement, Ozzie never once looked over at us. Maybe it was because we were moving too fast for him to see. Whoosh! Whoooosh!

Um ... whoosh.


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