Thursday, June 01, 2006

Not Ready

Um ... hello. Um ... we've received some inquiries about why we haven't posted lately. No, Harriet hasn't had the baby yet. We're still waiting here. Bears are really good at waiting. Yeah, yeah, we can sit and stare at the wall for hours. We also like napping. Napping takes up a lot of our time. Time flies when you're napping. Harriet might be impatient, but these last days of being baby free are flying by.

Um ... more specifically, a reader wanted to know why I haven't been posting. Um ... that one is ... um ... a little harder to answer. Um ...

I'm not ready!!! I'm not ready, I'm not ready, I'm not ready! Babies are messy, dangerous, smelly things. I might be the victim of an inadvertant barfing. Oooh, I'm a grownup bear not a baby bear. I like napping. I don't like flying. I like sitting. I do not like being dragged down the stairs by my foot. Um ... oh.



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