Monday, May 01, 2006

Life Changes

Goofball: So, uh, you're going to be a father.

Ozzie: Yup. Looks like it.

Goofball: How do you feel about that?

Ozzie: Most of the time I think it is pretty cool.

Goofball: You scared?

Ozzie: Not really, just a little apprehensive.

Goofball: You know, I could have helped you feel a little less nervous if you had told me.

Ozzie: I'm really not that worried.

Goofball: Okay, I would have looked a little less stupid if you had told me.

Ozzie: I thought you knew.

Goofball: No one ever told me. How as I supposed to know?

Ozzie: It's hard to keep it a secret. Harriet is as big as a house. I figured you would catch on eventually.

Goofball: I'm a teddy bear, where was I supposed to learn this information? We don't hang out on playgrounds and we don't attend state mandated sex education classes.

Ozzie: Yeah, Pudgie's proposal was voted down pretty handily. I'm surprised he offered to teach the course, usually he likes to stick to economics or philosophy. I guess he thought someone should perform the important public service.

Goofball: It WOULD have been an important public service. There is no way I could have figured out the whole process on my own. Sheez, making babies is complicated and messy. And quite frankly, it seems a little unnatural.

Ozzie: There is more than a kernal of truth to that.

Goofball: I find it hard to believe that my girl is made for this. It cannot be healthy.

Ozzie: Sadly, I don't think it is healthy, Goofball.

Goofball: Is she going to be okay?

Ozzie: Yeah, I think so. We'll be in a hospital, so if anything goes wrong, there will be doctors ready to help out.

Goofball: Good. I worry about her. Not eating chocolate. Wobbling around the house. Very strange an unnatural behaviors, if you ask me.

Ozzie: And who wouldn't ask you, Goofball? You're an important part of Harriet's life.

Goofball: Yeah, I am. I am. She's lucky that you bought me and brought me back home. And you're lucky too. I reckon I've earned you more than a few kisses.

Ozzie: Lucky, Goofball, or crafty? Or a man of excellent taste in bears?

Goofball: True. True. You know what I don't worry about, Ozzie?

Ozzie: What's that, Goofball?

Goofball: Our friendship. I think we'll be friends for a long time.

Ozzie: Yup. That sounds about right to me.

Goofball: It's going to change though, isn't it?

Ozzie: Yup.

Goofball: A whole lot?

Ozzie: More than either of us can imagine.


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