Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Babies and Celebrity

So like is it just me, or should the world be worried that Britney Spears is a mother? Okay, so I should like state up front that I think people are unnecessarily harsh about her talent. I mean she isn't the world's greatest singer or maybe even a great singer, but if she were standing next to you at church or something you'd think, "Hey, that chick sings okay." And Britney's dance moves won't make people think of a young Paula Abdul, but she must be doing something right because guys are drooling over her, you know what what I'm saying? But motherhood is a totally different world altogether than singing and dancing. I mean it is a HUGE responsibility. I like Britney, but I'm not sure she is ready for this particular spotlight. I mean, it doesn't seem like she is at a stable point in her life. She still likes to party. Just today the Inquirer claimed that Britney was back drinking again. That type of behavior might be okay for a twenty-something diva, but it is definitely not cool for a mother.

Which brings me to a question that I have been asking for a few years now: Is it possible to be both a mega-watt celebrity and a parent? Madonna has taken a bit of a back seat now that she is the Material Mom. She thinks she's British now, too, but I don't think that has anything to do with motherhood. Maybe moving to England chilled her career, or maybe is that she finally got like way old, or like maybe she has run out of ideas, but it all seemed to coincide with parenthood.

Maybe it depends upon what type of celebrity you are. Like if you rely upon shocking people and wild lifestyles for your fame, then parenthood will totally end your career. Cuz like if you stop being crazy, then why would people pay attention? And if you continued to act all wild and stuff, then people would totally disapprove and think you are a way bad parent. But like celebrities are famous for something positive, like beauty or music or acting ability, then like you might be able to make it work for you. Heidi Klum was really hot and so people paid attention to her. And you'd think that pregnancy would interfere with hotness, but it totally hasn't. She literally worked her buns off and looks better than ever. Cindy Crawford did the same thing, so now she is the hot mom in the Pepsi ad. I bet she'd like to be doing something more than a Pepsi ad, but you gotta start somewhere, ya know? Pepsi spends a lot of money on advertising and like each time that ad shows it is an ad for Cindy and how good looking she is.

Maybe Britney will be a good mother. I mean Angelina Jolie wasn't exactly the poster girl for sanity when she adopted Maddox. She was married to Billy Bob Thornton, which should like disqualify anyone from parenthood until you get a doctor's note or something. He's super icky. Anyways, like the point is that Angelina is a super mom now. She looks totally devoted to Maddox and takes him everywhere. Maybe motherhood will bring out the best in Britney. You know push her from "still not a woman" to "like totally a woman."

Maybe, but if maybe's were coral, there would be a whole lot more coral reefs (and in weird places, too). I'm not holding my breath, but I hope she proves the paparazzi wrong again.


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