Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Update on Rose, Tequila Teddy and Salt

Um ... we are really behind on our posts. I don't know why, but we haven't been able to find the time to write as much as we'd like. Ooh! There has been so much going on that it is hard to keep track of it all. But ... um ... before I get sidetracked, I thought I'd post updates on Rose and her teddy bears, who were in that awful hurricane.

The first update comes from our friends Teddy and Spaulding. Ooh, there person is very resourceful (editor: in comparison to anyone you know? Wagsy: Um ... no. No one I know ... pillowhead). Here is what they wrote:

As I've been worrying about Rose and her family, I felt guilty worrying about Tequila Teddy and J.D. too. OK, not guilty, because I was happy to know Rose got them out too, but more along the lines of wanting to give what we can directly to Rose and Gil, and not "wasting" on Tequila and J.D.! My conumdrum is that I am as attached to my bears as she is to hers, and, since they were such big helps, I didn't want them to go unrewarded!

Sooo, what to do?!I contacted my teddies and my favorite store in the whooooooooole world, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and asked them if they could donate New Orlean Saints uniforms or sweatshirts, knowing that even if Rose, Gil, Teddy and J.D. never go home again, New Orleans is always their home! At first, I got a nice general letter outlining what Build-A-Bear has been doing for the victims of Katrina (sent $30,000 to the area, had a big Workshop day in Houston, where they got volunteers to come in and help them make 1000 bears for the kids stuck in the Astrodome, and cutting prices for anyone in the country who wants to hold a party in their workshops so they can donate even more bears), so I assumed that they just wouldn't help anyone who contacted them. (Not upset, again, because it's the people who need the most help.) Well, this last week, I was sent another letter from the same bear-assistant at Build-A-Bear, and she sent us the two uniforms, so we could hold onto them until we know where and when Tequila Teddy and J.D. can accept their new clothes!!!! (My bears want to try them on, but they know they are for their good buddies, so can't!) We got help for those beary helpful bears just by explaining and asking!

Isn't that nice of Teddy and Spaulding's owner? Um ... I kn0w exactly how she feels about being worried about the teddy bears. I mean, teddy bears are around to take care of their people and don't really feel pain, but ... but ... you don't exactly want to see them washed away in a muddy, awful hurricane either. And that was really nice of Build-a-Bear to donate the jerseys. Um ... you would figure a company that builds teddy bears would be nice and it is good to see that it is true.

Then Rose and Teddy wrote to let everyone know how they are doing:
Dear wonderful friends, I am sending mucho hugs and gratitude to all who have been so concerned, generous and loving. I hope to get back in the swing of things soon and answer your wonderful emails and posts, but now I must leave my darling daughter to find an apartment and it is a long and scary task building a new life, especially for an agoraphobic with fibro, lol should be quite an adventure! and dear readers, hope to get back to writing about my experience at Garden Gumbo sometime, will keep you posted, please keep the prayers coming, do not forget about us...thank you so much....peace and love...

Hugs and misses, Rose

ps. TEDDY sez:HAYYYY bear buddeez I am tinkin of yew and all da fun wee will have wen i git bak frum morning my frenz. Even teddies git da blooz. Keep yur prayirz komin fur Mis Rose, she gitz kinda nutty sumtymez n i dont meen da gud treetz yew eatz neethur. Speekin of, if any buddee haz any xtra treetz send em c/o me TEDDY two po boxx 2tousind teen, anywhar USA hehehehehhehehhehe

Um ... I don't think Teddy gave the right PO Box. I've never used one before, but "anywhar USA" should have a zipcode. Shouldn't it? Anyway, it was good to see that Tequila Teddy kept his spirits up (um ... is that a pun? Editor: this is a family friendly site, so no, it isn't.).

Then Rose wrote again to wish the people in Hurricane Rita's path well. Given all she had been through, it was really nice of Rose to be worried about other people.
Hello everyone, I just want to ask you folks to send your prayers and hugs to all those in Rita's path in Texas and Louisiana this weekend. (That includes the DH who is still back in Baton Rouge.) I can't tell you how Rita is stressing me out, PTSD watching my beloved New Orleans flood again. I also received some pictures from Ole Salt that he took of our old neighborhood. I hope to share them with yall someday soon at my site.

Monday I hope to embark to LA where I hope the Red Cross will help set me up in a hotel, get some medical care and apt hunt. One day at a time...

Thank you again for your support...Love,Rose

It's good that Salt is taking pictures back in New Orleans. That must mean Salt is okay and helping to clean up the mess. He seems like a good bear.

Ooh, I just can't imagine what it would be like to have our lives turned upside down by a hurricane. The winds of change usually come a little more slowly and subtlely and less messy around here. I hope Rose finds an apartment and gets back on her feet. At least she has good bears to help her out.


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