Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Journeys with Platy: Washington, DC

H-h-h-i-i-i. Hi. I rode on a plane today. I thought it might be exciting, but it wasn't exciting at all. It was mostly loud and cold. And it made my ears pop. At first it was dark and warm and quiet in the suitcase, but then it got really noisy and cold. It was still dark though. And it made my ears pop. That's never happened before.

When it stopped being loud, the suitcase started to shake and move alot. I thought we must be passing the White House. Or Congress. Or the Supreme Court. There are a lot of movers and shakers in Washington. I asked Ozzie if we were passing the White House. He said we must have at some point. I think passing the White House was the highlight of my day.

Eventually, Ozzie opened the suitcase and let me see our hotel room. It doesn't smell like home. It's painted green, too. Nothing at home is painted green. Ozzie let me look out the window to see a big building. It is the Temple of Scottish Freemasonry. I don't understand how you could build a building that big for free.

Ozzie then put me on the bed to watch TV. We have cable. There are 78 channels to choose from. I wasn't sure what to watch. There were a lot of choices. Everyone spoke really fast. I wasn't sure what was going on. I decided to watch Telemundo. The people seemed really nice and they talked faster than anyone else on any other channel. Something bad must have happened, because they cried a lot. Sometimes they cried like they were happy. Sometimes they cried like they were sad. But they always spoke really fast.

Tomorrow, Ozzie says he's going to take me outside to see the sites. I'm very excited. Maybe we'll meet some movers and shakers. I'm good at shaking. I think I'll try to find the Austrailian embassy and let them know I am here. I think they lost track of me a long time ago. You know why?

Because I'm brown. I'm round. And I can't be found.

Good night, everybody.


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