Thursday, February 02, 2006

Live Blogging the Body Pillow

Um ... hello! How are you? Um ... I hope you are well. Um ... this isn't a very interactive medium, so I don't know why I said that. I suppose it can be an interactive medium, but I really shouldn't expect a reply to that question. Um ... um ... you know, having stuffin' for brains isn't always a good thing.

Um ... anyways, we have a new addition to the bed today. Yeah, yeah, Ozzie finally got off his butt and ordered Harriet's birthday present. Oooh, we are very excited that it arrived.

Body pillow

Um ... it's really big. We weren't really expecting that. Um ... it looks comfy and all, but ... um ... it is really Big. Where are all the bears going to fit?

Goofball: What is this "we" business. I was against this present from the start! There is a limited amount of space on the bed, so when something new arrives, something old has to leave, and I do NOT want to be the old thing that leaves!

Um ... yeah, yeah, you did make that point. And you were out voted. But ... um ... well ... you might have been right.

Goofball: Might?! Might! I MIGHT have been right?! I was right you over stuffed dust mop!

Oooh! Oooh! Um ... oooh! I don't think there is any reason to get personal, Goofball. Oooh! Who are you calling dust mop, buster?

Goofball: The white collection of lint and dust bunnies sitting in front of me.

Hey, hey, hey! Um ... hey! Stop that. This is my post, you can insult me another time. Or start your own post. Um ... let's just say that mistakes were made and we're going to move on.

Goofball: Hmmph, move onto the floor is more like it.

Hey! I heard that. Um ... that is a nice feature of the internet, I can hear everything anyone says. It's like I have super powers.

First encounters of the comfy kind

Um ... on closer inspection, the pillow is really big. Um ... it's like the length of five aardvarks and five armadillos combined. I measurement might be off by a few bunnies, though. I'm not much of an engineer. Um ... the pillow does look very soft.

Plush horse shoe

You know, I think the real question isn't where the bears will sleep, but where Ozzie and Harriet will sleep. The body pillow is really comfy. It's soft, and warm, and there is room for all my friends. Yeah, yeah. This just might work out afterall.


Help! Help! We're being attacked! The pillow is eating us! We're being smooshed by a giant, comfy body pillow. Amelia and Buffy have been eaten up entirely. Um ... hello! ... hello? Um ... help! Help? Um ... isn't anyone going to come and save us?

Maybe we're not in dire straits

Oh, hi Moose! Hi Platy. How are you?

Platy: I'm brown. I'm round. And I'm upside down.

Moose: Moose!

Ooh, how are we? Um ... I'm okay. Um ... I suppose we are being eaten by a giant pillow and that isn't very furry. It is comfy though. Yeah, yeah. If you needed to choose a way to die, being eaten by a giant foam pillow isn't that bad.

Moose: Moose!

Oooh, you're right, Moose. We shouldn't keep the pillow waiting. We don't want to anger such a large item on the bed.

Um ... goodbye, I suppose. We'll blog again real soon. Um ... maybe after we extract ourselves from this giant pillow. Oooh!


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