Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Bloated Platy and Other Strange Google Searches

Um ... hello. Teddy bears are generally shy creatures. Sure we're chatty with our people, but ... um ... we usually don't like meeting new people. A lot of people don't understand how to interact with teddy bears and ignore us or even look down on us. We usually play it safe and keep a low profile when visitors come by the house. When you are as plump and furry as we are it is hard to keep a low profile, but we manage okay.

That is why this blog is exciting, but also a little scary. Most of the people who have emailed or left comments have been very nice, but ... um ... there are some less than furry people out there on the web. Oooh, I almost stopped using google because searching for all things furry is not always appropriate for innocent eyes. There are some sick people in this world and I hope no one confuses us teddy bears for ... um ... people who dress up as kangaroos. I suppose dressing up as a kangaroo is okay, it is the rest of the lifestyle that makes me worry. Teddy bears are supposed to be accepting, but ... um ... um ... ooh!

But Google can be good, too. Many people have discovered our website through google. A few even come back. At first people came searching for "veto pivot" and "endogenous veto pivot" and "Political Economy" and "Veto Pivot", but we don't even pop up on the google list anymore. Other people must have been writing about the topic recently. I'm not sure why we ever came up high on the list to be honest. Pudgie is smart, but he hasn't published much.

Most searches make a lot of sense. For instance, Break Dancing Bear is normal since we do have a break dancing bear on this blog, and who wouldn't want to see a dancing bear? I'm also not surprised to see that we are one of the web's leaders in Teddy Bear Psychology. Um ... the whole point of Furry Thoughts for Fuzzy Times is providing the teddy bear perspective.

But some searches are stuffin' stumpers. Oooh, search algorithms confuse me. Pudgie tried to explain Google to me once, but I found myself thinking about how furry I was and wondering how I was going to fit in a nap before TV watching. People have visited our site by typing in Lil Bowwow's Favorite Move, Mother Theresa's Rewards, Allergic Reaction Faux Suede, and Elastigirl Background Information. Um ... it isn't often that Lil Bowwow, Mother Theresa, and Elastigirl appear in the same sentence. Bow in awe of the wide ranging teddy bear intellect.

Um ... the most common search that leads people to our site is about fish. Yeah, yeah. About one person a week comes to our site looking for information on a bloated Platy. Sometimes they type Platy Bloated, or Bloated Platy Furriness, or even Bloated Platy Bellies, but they all end up here. I guess Platy is a fish, and people don't know what to do when they are sick or pregnant. Um ... we aren't qualified to provide veterinarian advice. We tried looking for a website devoted to bloated Platy symptoms, but we couldn't find a good one, which is why they click on us, I guess. Ooh, I hope we managed to make the owners of the sick fish smile and take their minds off of their swelled pets.

Um ... in an effort to give the readers what they want, here is a picture of Platy. He's not a fish. At least I think he isn't. Platypuses are awfully confusing.

An Upright Platypus
The Upright Platypus
You will notice that he is both brown and round.
An Antipodal Platypus
The Antipodal Platypus
Um ... it is hard to know when Platy is upside down. Ooh, being from Australia can be so confusing.

Oooh, I think Platy is very handsome. I hope he makes the fish owners happy.


Blogger Buffy said...

Like you totally forgot all the people who came to our site looking for my discussion of Freakonomics. I guess like Technorati had it listed for a while, and people were totally into what I was saying. Like this one guy came back like four times in one week to hear my thoughts. It was totally awesome.

11:48 AM  

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